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- 15 hours ago

@eyeonthefly: Please RT! Tomorrow (December 9) is the LAST DAY to submit comments👇 on the next edition of Ontario’s Building Code. With existing municipal bird friendly guidelines thrown out by #Bill23, this is our only chance to ensure new building construction won’t kill millions more birds
h J R

- 2 days ago

During #GlobalBirdRescue, over 140 species were recorded. The most frequently found species was the Golden-crowned Kinglet. 434 individual birds were reported on the Global Bird Collision Mapper during the event.
h J R

- 3 days ago

@TWC_Wildlife: Are your outdoor holiday decorations safe for wildlife? Loose wires and strings can entangle wildlife, and nocturnal animals like it dark so turn off those festive lights at bedtime! Check decorations regularly to ensure they don’t pose harm to wild animals. #BackyardBiodiversity
h J R

- 7 days ago

Thank you to everyone who went out during #GlobalBirdRescue! Compared to the previous year we rescued almost twice as many birds from around the world that had collided with glass. Birds can collide throughout the year, report any you encounter into
h J R

- 8 days ago

ACTION ALERT! Ontario’s Bill 23 will undo municipal progress on preventing bird-window collisions in the province. Learn more about #Bill23 and what you can do to speak up for birds in our latest blog post. Please RT!
h J R