1 Billion+

Birds fatally collide with
windows at low, mid and high-rise
buildings annually in North America


Birds recovered (injured or dead)
by FLAP Canada in the Greater
Toronto Area since 1993


Known species
of birds in

Is Your Home

Have you experienced the heartbreaking thud of a bird hitting a window? Maybe you’ve observed a territorial bird pecking at its reflection in glass or a mirror.

Why does this happen? Birds have no concept of glass. With windows everywhere—houses, cottages, condos, apartments, balconies—for spring and fall migrating birds, reflective glass can be deadly.

Is Your Workplace

Migrating birds are struggling with the expansion of mass development in built, urban environments. Besides the loss of critical habitat to nest and rest, they face death and injury due to collisions with buildings at night and during the day.

Why does this happen? Birds have no concept of glass and are attracted to reflective light. And workplace windows are everywhere: on walkways, entranceways, skyways, skyscrapers, atriums, and even transit stations and bus shelters.

Make A Difference

There are many ways you can help keep birds safe. Take the pledge and help us create a collision-free urban environment for migratory birds.

We Want To Know…

Have you ever heard the heart-wrenching thud of a bird flying into a window?

Assess Your Windows

The BirdSafe® DIY Building Risk Assessment app is designed to estimate collision threats that a building and its individual façades can pose to bird.