Have you ever experienced the heartbreaking thud of a bird hitting your window?

Environment Canada biologists have concluded that collisions with windows on buildings large and small are a leading cause of bird deaths, taking millions of lives every year. Reflected sky or vegetation, a tempting interior potted plant seen through glass, a glass balcony railing, or a view straight through the building can trick birds into thinking that they can fly through to the other side. Birds that do not die on impact can go into shock, becoming easy prey for predators such as cats.

Identifying which of your windows present the greatest threat to birds

Before treating your windows with markers, first try to identify which of your windows require priority action. Start by looking at each window individually, on all sides of your home. Certain windows will be a greater threat to birds than others. To help you identify these priority windows, take the BirdSafe® self-assessment for homeowners:

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  • Acknowledgement: BirdSafe® self-assessment, Dr. Daniel Klem, Jr., Professor of Ornithology and Conservation Biology, Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
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