Assess all façades individually (see definition below) up to 16 metres above grade or to the top of mature tree canopy (whichever is greater).



any exterior face of a building that maintains a uniform direction

NOTE:  Individual façades, under BirdSafe standards,  are further determined by type of glazing (i.e. transparent, tinted, mirrored, opaque) or special architectural treatment (alcove, atrium, etc.). If more than one type of glazing is installed at one face, each type of glazing is considered a separate façade.

Building Exemption: Any façade with existing bird deterrent markers that meets designated standards of size, spacing, contrast, and surface application will not require an assessment.

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  • Exterior glazing up to 16 metres (52.50 ft) above grade or to the top of mature tree canopy (whichever is greater)
  • Acknowledgement: BirdSafe® self-assessment, Dr. Daniel Klem, Jr., Professor of Ornithology and Conservation Biology, Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.