About Us

Welcome to birdsafe.ca, where you can find out how and why to keep birds safe from daytime and nighttime bird-building collision threats, for your home and for your workplace.

Each year, more than 25 million migratory birds are killed across Canada as a direct result of bird-building collision fatalities. That number is exponentially more when factoring in bird deaths by cats, agriculture, climate change, pollution, invasive species and the erosion of habitat due to mass urbanization.  We can only expect that number to continue to grow, unless we all work together to help mitigate local biodiversity loss through urban development that preserves wildlife species, flora and fauna for human and ecosystem benefit.

“It is a shame to turn (our country) into a wasteland without plants, trees, birds and sea animals, and cutting off trees to erect buildings…There should be a peace treaty between Man and the tree, as well as Man and birds, because we continue to transgress upon them.”

—Michel Aoun, President of Lebanon

Who We Are

BirdSafe.ca is led by FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) Canada. FLAP Canada, a registered Canadian charity, is widely recognized as the pre-eminent authority on the bird-building collision issue. For almost 25 years, FLAP Canada and a network of over 70 partners, thousands of supporters and many other nature organizations, are devoted to keeping birds safe for the benefit of nature and people.

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Building at Night

Our Vision

We envision a 24-hour collision-free built environment for migratory birds.

Our Mission

FLAP Canada is dedicated to safeguarding migratory birds in the built environment through education, policy development, research, rescue and rehabilitation.

To support our mission, we are committed to:

  • Educating our communities through awareness initiatives
  • Engaging our communities through citizen science
  • Advocating volunteerism for bird recovery, rescue and rehabilitation
  • Showcasing bird-deterrent solutions for homeowners
  • Enabling bird-safe conditions for businesses and municipalities through BirdSafe® standards and building risk assessment services (design and retrofit stages)

Bird being released