BirdSafe® is a building standard to objectively assess design features of a building and surrounding topography for any risk(s) for bird-building collisions. Working with FLAP Canada, a registered Canadian charity specializing in the bird-building collision issue, BirdSafe was developed collaboratively with subject expertise in the science, biology, ornithology, architecture, engineering and bird conservation fields.

An accompanying building risk assessment and tool that follow the BirdSafe standard, assesses each building façade on its own merit based on regional, local and building factors to identify those that pose the greatest risk to birds. In this way, building owners can choose to address the risk of collisions on a select priority basis.



any exterior face of a building that maintains a uniform direction

Click the images above to see some façade examples.

NOTE:  Individual façades, under BirdSafe standards,  are further determined by type of glazing (i.e. transparent, tinted, mirrored, opaque) or special architectural treatment (alcove, atrium, etc.). If more than one type of glazing is installed at one face, each type of glazing is considered a separate façade.

BirdSafe consulting services and audit, currently for retrofit, includes:

  • onsite visit(s) by a trained FLAP Canada consultant who looks at factors that influence collisions and measures taken to deter birds from injuring themselves on the structure
  • a client confidential final report includes recommendations on what needs to be done to remediate specific areas of the building on a priority basis
Hawk Collides with Office Building

How We Work With You

Scope of work and preliminary quote# FaçadesThreats: low, moderate, high, lethalInput of all criteria into assessment toolBirdSafe consultant review with client, adjust data as needed
Client approves quote and trained consultant assigned54 influencing factors
162 sub-factors
486 factor measurements
Existing glass treatments and/or deterrentsProduce client confidential report (10-15 business days depending on scope)Report on findings and recommend solutions (third party neutral)
(External/internal) onsite consultant and client walk around, incl. photography and firm quoteBuilding design features: i.e. lightingOther data points, incl. surrounding regional topographyClient billed post report delivery

Who Are BirdSafe® Clients?


Your client is requesting bird-friendly design in its new build plans. You are being asked to quote on a renovation or revitalization project that has been as a result of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Or perhaps you are quoting on a new project that will give your firm a competitive edge with the added value of comprehended key biodiversity or sustainability factors, such as bird-friendly design.

Business or Property Owner-Facilities Manager

You are proud of your properties. You are successfully delivering key performance indicators for your business, but you may not be prepared to prevent avian collisions, nor may they be a maintenance priority until the general public or legislation makes it one. You want clear, concise advice and best practices on bird-friendly guidelines.


You have a role in setting legislation, by-laws or green standards for bird-friendly glass or other design techniques, as well as public awareness and education. You may want to set the standard with federal, provincial or municipal public buildings that acquired, altered or constructed to be bird-friendly.  You also play an important role in preserving the cultural, economic and ecological value birds bring to our society.

“Work done by existing advocacy groups such as FLAP Canada are an important resource as we move towards (bird-) wildlife-friendly design, and we encourage our members and the public to learn more about this topic.”
—Toon Dreesen, Architect, President, Ontario Association of Architects, FRAIC, AIA, LEED AP

“The City of Toronto and FLAP Canada have had a positive collaboration on bird-friendly guidelines since 2007. This includes assessing bird and wildlife issues related to built form.”
—Glenn De Baeremaeker, Deputy Mayor, East, City of Toronto

“Bird-building collision prevention strategies help us meet our bird-friendly guidelines and achieve Markham’s Greenprint Sustainability goals. FLAP Canada plays a key conservation-in-action role and we work collaboratively to mitigate bird deaths and injuries.”
—Valerie Burke, Chair of City of Markham’s Environmental and Sustainability Committee and Ward 1 Councillor.

A nominal fee for service is charged based on the number of façades being assessed. Contact Us for more information. As the BirdSafe consulting service grows, FLAP Canada will set up and train qualified assessors in Canada and the United States.

For benefits, details and how we work with you, please download the BirdSafe® brochure (PDF)download our presentation (PowerPoint) and review our FAQ. We would be delighted to include a lunch and learn or seminar for staff, tenants or special events, such as a bird-friendly or environmental achievement.

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